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Summary of 2016 Łysoń Open Days

Traditionally, every year, the ŁYSOŃ Company organized Open Doors event, during which the Kraków culture was the theme. Kraków folklore was evident not only in the arrangement of the stage and in the costumes, but also in the program of the event, where during the lectures the visitors danced the dances and songs of folk bands. The festivities were connected with the annual distributors meeting. 33 partners from around the world and 11 from Poland visited us, totalling at about 100 people.

The Open Days are the only opportunity during the year to see the company from the inside. Our guests were even able explore our entire production facility.

The first day of the ceremony belonged to the youngest. The Children's Folk Band from Sułkowice-Bolęcina and the Dance Team from Romania showed their skills.

During the two-day event, a series of lectures was held by the best experts in bee diseases and general beekeeping:

-dr hab. Paweł Chorobiński - "Management of wildlife in the apiary", "Limiting the invasion of pests in the apiary"

-vet. Andrzej Arszułowicz and Marcin Raczyński - "Correctly carrying out medical and prophylactic treatments in the apiary with specialized bee products"

-Marek Podlewski and Jacek Wojciechowski- "Beekeeping-Facts and Myths"

- Michał Piątek - "innovative solutions"

Lectures are an interesting meeting point for beekeepers, gathering more and more listeners every year.

These meetings provide an opportunity to exchange views and gain expertise from specialists.

For ladies there were demonstrations of the Honey Therapy series cosmetics manufactured by Gospodarstwo Pasieczne Tomasz Lyson.

The second day we began with a holly mass, which was graced by the polish beekeeping associations with their banners.

The whole event was decorated with elements of Krakow's folklore, which was also reflected by our exhibitors.

You could buy traditional Kraków obwarzanek as well as local handicrafts.

On Sunday there was a concert of the local Song and Dance Band from Andrychów, where the Kraków regional culture was presented not only in the vocal form.

For connoisseurs of old cars we organized a show of classic vehicles, which is an inseparable element of every event of the ŁYSOŃ company.

On the occasion of the Open Days, ŁYSOŃ company had prepared special promotions.

All displayed equipment was offered with a 15% discount, polystyrene hives and items could be purchased in a 10 + 1 promotion.

Open Days were a great time to get acquainted with our new products. We have presented a new series of silicone moulds "World Buildings" and beekeeping tools of the BEETOOLS series, and the Łysoń quality assurance.

During the two-day celebration not only the weather was great. We estimate that we had over 4,000 visitors, many of them from far corners of the country and abroad. We are very glad to be able to host our passionate beekeepers and give them another chance to meet each other again.

We thank all the people involved in the Open Days for their hard work and effort.